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A warm Welcome to the Studio Ideenladen

The Studio Ideenladen opened its doors as an advertising agency in Krems an der Donau in August 2010. Our background idea is to be an initial creative sparring partner to our clients while maintaining a flat hierarchy and an uncomplicated workflow. We don’t view ourselves as a rigid service provider, adhering to briefings and working off given tasks. We want to break open old structures, optimize existing processes, refine products and provide a sustainable experience to our end clients. The Studio is a partner for all situations, be it brand new launches or a reorientation and enhancement of existing commodities. Our interdisciplinary team joins forces with our clients to establish solutions that will lift their weight far into the future and can be built on and grown.



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In the Heart of the Wachau

The World Cultural Heritage region Wachau combines long standing tradition with a great brand and is known for bringing people together. It provides us with an excellent location for our Studio. With views of endless vineyards and the Danube being mere minutes away, we’re happy as a clam in our surroundings.


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The designers and developers of our digital unit create websites, online shops and applications: usability, wire framing, analysis, conceptualization, content creation and technical implementation. Our goal are fast, secure and impressive digital solutions for our clients.


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Identity & Strategy

Brand Positioning
Brand Workshop
Brand Architecture
Corporate Identity
Corporate Design
Brand & Look Books



Idea finding
Classic & Digital
Media Planning & Media Purchasing
Controlling, Reporting

Photography & Film

Visual Concepts
Image Photography
Architecture Photography
Moving Images
Post Produktion


Corporate Publishing

Content Photography
Client Magazines
Corporate Blog

Web Development

Usability Analysis & Tests
UX Design
TYPO3 Development
Frontend Development
Backend Development


Marketing Outsourcing

Interim Marketing Lead
Rent a Marketing Team
Theme and Marketing Planning
Process Analysis
Strategic Project Coaching


Digital Strategy
Digital Marketing
Product Photography
Shop Development
Plug In Development
Conversion Optimizing


Public Relations & Event

Public Relations
Press Conferences
Event Management
Production Management
Audio Visual Solutions

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Sebastian says…

We stood up to do it differently, and that works pretty well. We don’t want to be yet another agency. We want to sustainably change things up and form our client relationships. We’re on a constant prowl for the best idea and the catchiest campaign, always with the same goal: We want to empower our clients to become better. We’re coaches and sparring partner, and we’re not afraid to touch upon hot topics, to speak about the things everybody knows but nobody dares to talk about. We dare to, can we dare you?


Eva has the Overview

She pulls all the strings. Hundreds pf projects are being coordinated, planned, delegated, controlled and, always with love, delivered strictly according to deadline. And somehow she nearly always manages to maintain a positive attitude and a friendly demeanor. Eva is the operative manager of Ideenladen with heaps of passion.


[Translate to Englisch:] Eva Kaufmann

Many companies already trusted us. Here’s a small excerpt:


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